Day six on the ship… our last day

September 4, 2011 at 8:35 am | Posted in Events | 2 Comments

We had a lovely last day on Light Vessel 21 with Print Gocco workshops, more brooch making and treasure hunts and lots of sunshine on deck.  We also enjoyed the company of Bob making knots to create a fender for the ship’s little boat and the wonderful Colin and his morse code machines.  During the afternoon we were treated to the gentle rhythm of morse code messages being exchanged all over the world.  After a wonderful week we wave goodbye to LV21.


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  1. I’ve been kicking myself since picking up a SS postcard before the BH weekend and only looking at it yesterday, to discover that I could have been with you having a fab time – ggrrrrrr…… hence signing up to be a step ahead when you next schedule some printing and sewing events. Look forward to it being before Christmas??? Anne

    • Oh what a shame! Thanks for joining us now though. There will definitely be lots of events before Christmas, and maybe even something else in Medway …

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