Points Of The Compass, photographed by Vic Phillips

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One of the lovely visitors to our Points Of The Compass show at Craft Central recently, was photographer Vic Phillips, who took a liking to our style as it fits very nicely with his own. Here’s a selection of the photographs he took of us and our work during the exhibition. Vic’s Facebook page has more vintage inspired portraits and wedding photos with lovely retro styling.

You Rock cushion in Points of the Compass show

You Rock cushion by Linda

Gillian (Seaside Sisters) sewing at Craft Central

Gillian sewing

Framed vinyl seaweed and nautical pictures

Xtina’s vinyl seaweed & nautical pictures

Map brooches by Fabric Nation

Gillian’s vintage map brooches

Ship cushions

Linda’s ship cushions

Ship pictures in adhesive vinyl

Ship vinyls by Xtina

Souvenir Shop workshops – bookings open

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Etsy listings are now up for workshop bookings at Craft Central in London, and the fantastic LV21 lightship in Medway, Kent. We’ve put together an exciting programme of activities to accompany our two summer Souvenir Shop exhibitions in these venues. Here’s a peep at some of the lovely things you can make with us.

Full workshop listings are on our Events page.

Pin cusion storage pots and haberdashery

Pin cushion storage pots and haberdashery

Screen printing with Print Gocco

Screen printing on paper and stationery with Print Gocco

Vintage inspired textile prints

Vintage inspired textile prints

The popular fabric flower brooch making and souvenir pennants workshops that we ran at Vintage at Southbank will be available on a drop in basis at our exhibition on Lightship LV21.

Vintage Festival 2011, a big thank you!

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We had a top time at the Vintage at Southbank festival last weekend. So many beautifully turned out and friendly people, and the Royal Festival Hall looking like it never has before.

Seaside Sisters souvenir pennant & brooch workshops, Vintage at Southbank

Thank you so much to all the lovely people who took part in our workshops making souvenir festival pennants and brooches. Around 140 people made something with us, and as well as being great company, they came up with some brilliant choices and really impressed us with what they made.

Fabric brooch making workshop with Seaside Sisters

Fabric brooch making workshop with Seaside Sisters

Take a look at the new Seaside Sisters Facebook page for more photos from Vintage. We’d love to see your photos of our workshops and stall too. We have more workshops coming up and they’re listed on our Events page.

Vintage was the first time we’d run the pennants workshop, and it was extremely gratifying that this worked so well. We loved seeing an eager stream of makers enjoying putting together fabrics, trim and transfers to create lovely souvenirs. Our idea for this workshop was to tie together the fun of making something yourself, taking something away to remember the event by, and linking the 2011 Vintage Festival with the Festival of Britain 60 years ago. One of our first pennant makers described very similar reasons for wanting to join in, and that made us very happy!

Souvenir pennants made at Vintage at Southbank

Souvenir pennants made at Vintage at Southbank

The fabric brooch making also went down brilliantly, our big round table was constantly full. It was loads of fun for us to see people coming up with new innovations in this workshop, as it’s a very popular one that Fabric Nation has run for a few years. We really liked the little clusters of buttons, multi-layered centres, and combinations of colours that were chosen to compliment outfits. Making the brooches is quite a relaxing thing to do and good conversations sprung up around the table as people sewed.

Fabric brooches made at Vintage at Southbank

Fabric brooches made at Vintage at Southbank

In both workshops we used our vintage and recycled fabrics stash, but we were also delighted to use the offcuts generously donated by Sanderson, from their 50s fabric collection. A lot of people got seriously excited by these beautiful upholstery textiles!

Sanderson's 50s fabrics range

Sanderson's 50s fabrics range

A big thank you to:
Louise Kamara of the Eco Design Fair and Barley Massey of Fabrications, who curated and organised the Upcycling Workshops at Vintage. Thanks so much for working with us!
Wayne & Gerardine Hemingway and their team for having such excellent vision, coming by to personally see to some of the logistics of setting up our area, and generally being fantastic.
Susan Backhouse of Fashion Antidote, our lovely workshop neighbour who lent us an excellent sewing machine when our vintage one decided to have a huff.
Leona Thrift-ola, for bringing us beer and blogging until her fingers nearly caught fire.

Although we were too busy running the Seaside Sisters stall and workshops to get a proper look at everything going on, we did get some nice glimpses on mad dashes away from our post. Crazy dancing on the Style Studio balcony, great vibe and stories in the Down The Back Of The Sofa bar and museum (loved the unlucky dip!), hilarious Bad Art Salon, roof garden area / rooms / balconies we’d never discovered before, the wonderful London Printworks Trust who were doing amazing prints with transfer dyes, and we enjoyed seeing the backstage area where we chatted to famous folk in the lift.

Seaside Sisters stall at Vintage 2011

Seaside Sisters stall at Vintage 2011

The Upcycling area had stalls set up on vintage furniture supplied by Out Of The Dark. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it worked really nicely. The Seaside Sisters stall was mainly on a pretty 1950s upright kitchen cabinet. We were selling vintage souvenirs to compliment a big theme in our work, and it was lovely hearing the stories that were triggered by them for our customers. Adam Ant stopped by the day he played in the Vintage Revue, to buy an Elvis bag and some beauty spots. We’re not sure if he wore any on stage but would love to find out!

Crafty Pint North

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Crafty Pint bunting & fabricsSeaside Sisters ran a workshop at the first Crafty Pint North event at the Stapleton Tavern in N4 last Saturday. The staff at the pub made us very welcome, and soon the crafty pinters arrived to rummage through the fabric stash and enjoy a relaxed afternoon making pretty brooches with a drink or two.

First we made flower brooches, and then a sort of half pom pom frilly style that looks particularly good in felt. There were variations on yoyos, ruffles and some simple twists of felt to add, and people combined the fabrics in really interesting ways, using layers of contrasting fabric and different types of centre.

fabric broochs made in workshopIt was great to see several people make a bee-line for the pretty 70s crimpolene. Often shunned for making clothes these days (unless you are Lorraine Bowen), this polyester miracle fabric proved to be a fantastic choice for plump, colourful brooches. It always delights us to see what different colour ways people choose – there were some great muted greens & browns, and brilliant pinkcrafty pint north workshop & purple combos.

We each baked a cake so there was flapjack, rhubarb & custard cake, and lemon madelines for the crafty pinters to tuck into, and with some help from the bar staff we managed to leave only crumbs.

We’re now looking forward to the Crafty Pint North in July, it’s all about printing on fabric. If you pre-book you’ll get the bonus freebie of a tote bag to print on.

Printing Fabric Designs – book now

Pint of beer on the crafting table with cakes

Vintage crockery pin cushions

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These sweet and practical pin cushions made by Linda White, combine vintage cups and saucers or egg cups with a fabric cushion and pretty pearly pins. Keep your pins and needles in a safe and stylish place while you make and mend.

Tea cups £6.00, egg cups £4.50.

Available from our stall at Truman’s Brewery.

Tea cup pin cushions

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